An English Medium Residential Senior Secondary School for Boys at Nainital. Affiliated to CBSE. Member of IPSC. Estd. 1947


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. ..rules and regulations



(For details please refer to the Fee Schedule.)

The school fee includes charges payable towards tuition, boarding and lodging. The statement of account showing the details of personal expenses is sent to the parents at the end of each term and the balance is carried over.


Since following the winter vacation, the Board's exams commence almost immediately, a winter study camp is run at Moti Mahal, Lucknow for coaching the examinees during the referred vacation. Charges for this study camp are exclusive of the fee.

Payments should be made to the school by Demand Drafts, RTGS, NEFT, in favour of 'BIRLAVIDYAMANDIR, NAINITAL' payable at Nainital.


Refund of the school fee in case of withdrawal:

(Applicable both for new admissions and those already enrolled)

1- From those withdrawing within 7 days of their joining the school, ¼th of the term fee will be charged.

2- From those withdrawing within 8th to 15th day of their joining the school, ½ of the term fee will be charged.

3- From those withdrawing after 15 days of their joining the school, full term fee will be charged.


(Applicable for new admissions only)

If a new admission fails to join the school after depositing the school fee, he will be refunded the entire deposit, except the admission fee.


In case the fee for the first term (January to June) i.e. for the next class, is deposited and the student fails to join when the school reopens in the month of March after the winter vacation, ½ of the term fee will be charged. Refund of the amount, lying in credit or as caution money, is made through an account payee cheque after obtaining an application and also a pre-receipt from the parents at the end of the term in which a student is withdrawn. The caution money is refunded after the accounts for the year have been audited.


Ordinarily, no leave is granted during the term and should not be asked for except under very special circumstances. Leave for religious functions and marriages should be avoided to the utmost. Where it is absolutely necessary, home leave for two days, excluding the journey days, may be granted. In case of the marriage of real brothers and sisters or of parents' brothers and sisters, leave may be granted, if applied for in advance, accompanied by the printed invitation card. Leave for two days, exclusive of journey days, may also be sanctioned, to offer condolences to immediate relatives. Normally, no leave is granted during the examinations.

If a student remains absent for a week or so without information after the monsoon break, vacation or the expiry of home leave, his name will be struck off the rolls. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a student is not able to join the school on the due date, the school dues for the term should, in no case, be held up. An application for such leave must accompany the Demand Draft as per the demand note.


Keeping cash, ATM/credit cards, mobile phones and consumer durables like Cassette/CD players, electric kettles, heaters etc is strictly prohibited. Parents are advised not to give valuables like costly watches, expensive rings, chains etc to their wards when they come to the school. The school does not take any responsibility for the loss of such valuables.


House masters ensure that all the students, in strict pursuance of the schedule, may have telephonic conversation with their parents. Parents are expected to provide their wards with sufficient postal stationery. In all correspondence with the school, they must mention the folio number, class and house of their wards. Sending food parcels/packets to the wards is not allowed.

Telephonic request for allowing a student to visit the town in order to see the guardians/visitors is not entertained. In order to guard against impersonation, leave request must be made either in person or in writing. Overnight leave to stay with parents is allowed only on the SECOND and FOURTH Saturdays of the month, subject to school programme.

Birla Vidyamandir, Nainital (Uttarakhand) INDIA
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